Tea Time with my local Australian Honey producer Nigel Lawson

This week, I have enjoyed question & tea time with Nigel Lawson. 

Nigel is a local honey producer in our district on The Liverpool Plains. Having this secret local knowledge prompted me to choose this precious local bush commodity to launch my very first new limited edition collaboration project MADE for Country Culture collaboration range. 

Nigel’s skill is a hidden talent from our small community- and you would only know about his product if you lived here.

And that’s why I am so pleased to be sharing it with you. I spent some time with Nigel and asked him a few questions.   

Where did your passion for making honey come from?

I got my first hive off Athel Pengilley (Quirindi) at 15, I immediately took an interest in the bees, how they work and found their colony system interesting. First this started as an interest and hobby, then it slowly grew as a side hustle whilst working fulltime locally as a mechanic. Then as my fascination grew I decided this was my passion and decided to leave my full time job and make a career out of continuing to learn and studying what I loved. This was the start of Lawson Honey.

What’s the ethos behind your honey?

The ethos behind my honey is local honey, produced locally from known sources by a local beekeeper who loves beekeeping!

What do you love about where you live?

As an apriast there is a wide range of abundant eucalypt at my doorstep, which reduces fuel costs, travelling time and time away from my family.

Does where you live in Australia influence your honey? How?

Yes, I have found in my experience the bees tend to be more productive in a drier inland climate as opposed to coastal. The eucalypt honey inland especially around the Liverpool Plains is far superior than coastal honey.

Being local I have a connection to the land and the property owners, I have built a relationship with them over the years and have sites for all types of trees that produce different types of honey.

Why are you happy to collaborate with Country Culture?

I am more than happy to collaborate with Country Culture who have been an ambassador for promoting Australian made and owned local producers and their products.

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