Working From Home Care Pack for Men


This gift is perfect for someone who is working at home in isolation. Whether you are sending this gift pack to a work college, secretary, college student or friend, this is a perfect isolation gift box. Included is a ceramic care mug, for a snack, a Bahen & Co chocolate & salute kalamata olives. A Cedar & Stone soap and shave bar and a hand sanitiser.

Ceramic Reusable Mug

Start your morning smart and help the environment with a Ceramic Travel Care Cup.  Crafted with durable ceramic and wrapped in a protective matte silicone, this reusable mug is the perfect replacement for disposable coffee cups. Holds 270 ml. Designed in Australia.

Bahen & Co Artisan Chocolate 

This Bahen & Co artisan chocolate comprises of Cocoa beans and organic raw sugar. Featuring a selection of single plantation cacao's stone ground, produces a complex chocolate in a distinct house style. Weight : 75g  Made in Australia

Salute Kalamata Olives 

This lovely pack of 150 grams Kalamata olives are a tasty treat. They are a mild flavoured olive, perfect as an hors d'oeuvres or delicious in a salad. Made In Australia

Cedar and Stone Herbal Soap and Shave Bar

Our herbal shave bar is a luxurious bar with a good lather for a smooth shave. Perfect for any shaving needs on the face or body, this bar will help you achieve a smooth shave and nourish your skin. Ideal for woman’s and Men’s shaving needs. 140 grams. Made in Australia.

Benjamin Scott Hand Sanitiser Spray

This waterless hand sanitiser spray is effective in killing up to 99.9 percent of germs on contact. Use when hand washing with soap and water is unavailable or inconvenient. The Vitamin E and Glycerin formula has anti-inflammatory properties to help calm and provide a soothing effect while keeping skin hydrated. Directions: Place a small amount of the hand spray onto your palm and rub hands together. Make sure the liquid covers all the skin on your hands until dry. Don’t use hands until dry. Made in Australia.

 Gift Box and Freight

This gift is lovingly presented in a custom Country Culture natural gift box with custom tissue paper and twine. We can provide a complementary gift card if need be. All freight costs are included in the price.