Handbag Pamper Pack


This lovely gift box includes all of the elements for self care and wellness to pop into your handbag to use each day. It's the perfect Mother's Day gift- all items can be placed in a handbag for everyday care.Included is some Nina Bailey citrus and magnolia perfume oil, a Salus Vanilla lip balm and a Benjamin Scott Hand Sanitiser spray.

More details:

Nina Bailey Natural Citrus & Magnolia Perfume Oil

This hand blended natural perfume oil is made with 100% pure essential oils. A stunning aromatic blend of citrus and magnolia oils that will uplift you. Infused with citrine crystals to energise and stimulate your Chakras. Clear your mind and stir your soul in to action. Ingredients: Citrine crystals, 100% premium pure essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, natural Vitamin E.

Salus Vanilla Lip Balm

A nourishing lip balm to moisturise, protect and condition dry lips. Formulated with natural oils, soothing vanilla and restorative beeswax.
Key Ingredients: Vanilla, Beeswax and Macadamia. 20ml


Benjamin Scott Hand Sanitiser Spray

This waterless hand sanitiser spray is effective in killing up to 99.9 percent of germs on contact. Use when hand washing with soap and water is unavailable or inconvenient. The Vitamin E and Glycerin formula has anti-inflammatory properties to help calm and provide a soothing effect while keeping skin hydrated. Directions: Place a small amount of the hand spray onto your palm and rub hands together. Make sure the liquid covers all the skin on your hands until dry. Don’t use hands until dry.

 Gift Box and Freight

This gift is lovingly presented in a custom Country Culture natural gift box with custom tissue paper and twine. We can provide a complementary gift card if need be. All freight costs are included in the price.