Artisan Sweet Treat Gift Box With Chocolate, Shortbread & Sweet Goods.


This Sweet Treat gift box is filled with delights that will make everyone happy and won't last long! The gift box includes :

  • James Road chocolate dipped apricots
  • Tar 10 raw honey with honey dipper
  • Rinaldi macadamia and meadow honey nougat
  • Whisk and Pin honey crunch rocks
  • Bizarri Dolci chocolate dipped shortbread

More information below:

Tar 10 Raw Honey

This flavoursome honey is gathered from hives set among macadamia, citrus and eucalyptus trees. 275 grams.

James Road Chocolate Coated Apricots

These James Road Chocolate Coated Apricots merge the taste freshly picked Australian ripe apricots with rich dark chocolate.  150 grams 

Rinaldi Macadamia and Honey Soft Nougat

This locally made nougat is soft and melts in your mouth. The sweet taste teamed with the lovely crunch of macadamias is the perfect marriage of flavours. 86 grams

Timber Honey Twirler

This timber honey twirler is the perfect match for your locally made honey. Twist the honey over your muesli for a breakfast treat. 

Cicada Fruit and Nut Chocolate

This artisan block of locally made chocolate is a treat for the taste buds. With ingredients such as dark chocolate, cranberry and pistachio, this will help you get through your work day. 75 grams

Whisk & Pin Honey Crunch Rocks

Our Whisk and Pin Honey Crunch Rocks are hand crafted in the Blue Mountains and covered in a bitter sweet dark Belgian chocolate. 180g These may be either dark or milk chocolate depending on availability.

Bizarre Dolci

This choc dipped shortbread is a taste for the sensations. Enjoy with a cuppa and it will melt in your mouth!

 Gift Box 

This gift is lovingly presented in a custom Country Culture natural gift box with custom tissue paper and twine. We can provide a complimentary gift card if need be. 




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