Byron Bay Delights

Byron Bay Delights
Byron Bay Delights

Lovingly presented in our Country Culture natural gift box with custom tissue paper and twine, and a complimentary gift card. We offer free standard shipping for every gift ordered by Maker Advisory.

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Experience some of Byron Bay's handcrafted specialities in this local gift box. The camphor laurel organic board can be used to cut garlic and herbs. And the Tridosha Native Spice gourmet salt and pepper is to die for. Teamed with a set of mini salt and pepper bowls for your table, this gift box is an excellent choice.

All our gifts are lovingly presented in a stylish Country Culture gift box with our Signature Australian Map tissue paper & complimentary gift card. 

  • Garlic Board 
  • Set of two Salt and Pepper Bowls 5cm 
  • Tridosha Salt