Office Time


This practical gift box is perfect for office or administrative staff. It includes a brown leather journal/ notebook, some Bahen & Co chocolate and a cleanse soap bar. 

Leather Notebook/ Journal

Made from durable recycled leather, this A5 journal is an essential must have for meetings where you want to make a subtle style statement. Featuring a pen loop, slit for a business card and inner left pocket, the refillable compendia is an everyday must have. Designed in Australia only. Note: the pencil is not included.

Bahen & Co. Dark Chocolate

Bahen & Co Almond and Sea Salt Chocolate 70% Cocoa' will be replaced by either the 'Vietnam 75% Cocoa' or 'House Blend 90% Cocoa' Pictured. 

Cedar and Stone Herbal Soap and Shave Bar

Our herbal shave bar is a luxurious bar with a good lather for a smooth shave. Perfect for any shaving needs on the face or body, this bar will help you achieve a smooth shave and nourish your skin. Ideal for woman’s and Men’s shaving needs. 140 grams. Made in Australia.