These days, we have the ability to produce all the exquisite European-style chocolates you could wish for, every single day, at our gleaming Melbourne facility. But things weren’t always so grand and assured...

It was 1985 when David Grisold opened a small chocolate store in an old suburban post office. The surroundings were humble, but the vision bold: 

“To manufacture premium chocolates using the world’s finest ingredients, backed by outstanding customer service.” 

David was joined by his brother John, and the pair identified their ‘sweet spot’ in the Australian market – to produce European-style pralines and hand-moulded chocolates using the finest Belgian couverture. With equal parts passion and naïveté, the brothers set about making their mistakes as quickly as possible, refining their skills and developing their chocolate-making knowledge to turn out about 1000 hand-made chocolates per week. They soon acquired a reputation for creating the finest premium chocolates around, and without even realizing it, had started a world-class chocolate business.

Two years later, the business moved to larger premises in Ivanhoe and sister Joanne joined the team. In 1991, brother Mark swelled the family ranks to oversee production, while even more family and friends were co-opted to help supply the growing demand from 5-star hotels, restaurants and caterers who knew Australian-made quality when they tasted it.

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